SURREAL ART Book: Joan Miro 1959 Limited Edition

SURREAL ART Book: Joan Miro 1959 Limited Edition

Newly acquired by Shapero Rare Books is a superb example of an illustrated  book by Joan Miro (1893-1983), limited edition of only 40 copies, signed by the artist, the author and the publisher.

MIRO, Joan; FRENAUD, Andre.
Noël en chemin de fer, 1959.

Andre Frenaud (1907-1993) was “one of the most significant French poets of the generation who, in the second half of the twentieth century, succeeds the surrealist movement” (Wikipedia).

Illustrating this delightful poem are  engravings by Joan Miro, one of the last projects of collaboration that Miro undertook.  The remarkable binding is by Georges Leroux (1922-1999) who was  one of the most accomplished and respected French binders of the twentieth century. He actually began his career as a poet before becoming a binder in 1959.


Andre.-Noël en chemin de fer.
Andre.-Noël en chemin de fer.

Poetry pictorially expressed speaks its own language – Joan Miro

Perhaps more so than any other modern artist, Catalan-born Joan Miro (1893-1983) embraced the power and beauty of the illustrated book. Though known as one of the greatest talents of Surrealism and a master of painting, Miro possessed an artistic vision that was not strictly confined to the canvas.

Miro was also a prolific graphic artist, and the livre d’artist (artist’s book) became a major vehicle of artistic expression for him. The sheer number of illustrated books that he completed during his lifetime – over 250 titles – reveals his great enthusiasm and deep affinity for the written word.


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