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The team at Shapero Rare Books has over 100 years’ collective experience in rare books, particularly travel, natural history and Russian materials.  It has been involved in advising, building and de-accessioning important collections.

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Rare Books & Works on Paper

Our stock is in Mayfair (the gallery is open from 9:30 to 18:30 Mondays to Fridays) and, if you are looking for something really special and important that we don’t have; we’d be delighted to advise you on your interests and evaluate your collection.

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Modern & contemporary prints

In 2014 we launched Shapero Modern; our modern and contemporary prints department in the gallery at 32 St. George Street.  We hold 4-5 exhibitions throughout the year focussing on topical themes in our collection.

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William Beckford: Aesthete And Book Collector

William Beckford: Aesthete and Book Collector

In the first on our series on great collectors of rare books, we introduce William Beckford.  His grandfather — Peter Beckford — prospered magnificently from the West Indian trade in…

Jean Theodore Descourtilz

Jean Theodore Descourtilz

Descourtilz worked for the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro. He was the son of French adventurer, botanist and naturalist Michel Etienne Descourtilz. The only other work that Descourtilz was…

Recent Acquisitions

___Ê_£___Ý_Ý, _Ó_¦__„Û_«_¦ [George ORWELL].1984 Russia & Eastern Europe

___Ê_£___Ý_Ý, _Ó_¦__„Û_«_¦ [George ORWELL].

1984 Russia & Eastern Europe

A fine example of this Russian edition of Nineteen Eighty-Four produced in Italy by the…

[MACPHERSON, Robert].[Relief Of Triumph Of Titus, Roman Forum]. [c.1880].


[Relief of Triumph of Titus, Roman Forum]. [c.1880].

Description Albumen print. Good rich tones and in good condition. Slight sunning in the margins., published [c.1880].…

_¬_÷_Ý_Â_Ó_¥_Ê, __ü_¼___È_¡__ ___¡„Û_È_____ü„à. [SHILDER, Nikolay Karlovich]._÷___À_µ„Û_¡„â__„Û __ü_¼___È_¡__ I. [Emperor Nikolas I].1903

_¬_÷_Ý_Â_Ó_¥_Ê, __ü_¼___È_¡__ ___¡„Û_È_____ü„à. [SHILDER, Nikolay Karlovich].

_÷___À_µ„Û_¡„â__„Û __ü_¼___È_¡__ I. [Emperor Nikolas I].1903

Complete set in the most desirable version of the publisher's binding with large gilt crowns…

_¬_÷_Ý_Â_Ó_¥_Ê, __ü_¼___È_¡__ ___¡„Û_È_____ü„à. [SHILDER, Nikolay Karlovich.]_÷___À_µ„Û_¡„â__„Û __È_µ_¼„_¡___«„Û I. [Emperor Alexander I].1904 – 1905.

_¬_÷_Ý_Â_Ó_¥_Ê, __ü_¼___È_¡__ ___¡„Û_È_____ü„à. [SHILDER, Nikolay Karlovich.]

_÷___À_µ„Û_¡„â__„Û __È_µ_¼„_¡___«„Û I. [Emperor Alexander I].1904 – 1905.

Complete set of this monumental work in most desirable version of the publisher's binding with…

_Á_£_Õ___Ê_÷_, _._Á. _ü _Á. _Á___È_____¼__ („É„Ä_«___¦___ü_¼) [SUVORIN, A.S. And S. SOLOMKO (artist)]___¡„Û„Î _Ó___ü„â„Û_ü__ _Á_¡_____á___¡___µ„  _ü ___¡„Û_µ_____¡ __„_µ___ü„ [The Tsar False Dmitriy And Tsarina Kseniya].1904

_Á_£_Õ___Ê_÷_, _._Á. _ü _Á. _Á___È_____¼__ („É„Ä_«___¦___ü_¼) [SUVORIN, A.S. and S. SOLOMKO (artist)]

___¡„Û„Î _Ó___ü„â„Û_ü__ _Á_¡_____á___¡___µ„  _ü ___¡„Û_µ_____¡ __„_µ___ü„ [The Tsar False Dmitriy and Tsarina Kseniya].1904

A beautiful example of this historical drama in luxurious half morocco binding by Shnel. Aleksey…

_____Ý_______Ý_Â_____Õ, ______„„â_¡__„â_ü__ _Õ_¡„_ü_ȄÎ_µ___ü„à [KOLOKOLTSOV, Konstantin Vasilievich]._´__„Û _Ȅ__±_ü„â_µ_È_µ__ _«„Ä„É________ __„Ä_á„Ü_¼_ü, „__„„â__„„ä_ü__ _À___« _¡____„Ä„„â_µ__„ö_ü__ ____„„Ä_«_¡„Û„ _ü___À_µ„Û_¡„â__„Û_¡ _À___¼„Û_____ü„â_µ_Ȅ΄„â______: __„à_µ„Û_¼ 1858-1897. [The Choir Of The Wind Music Lovers Under The Auspices Of The Emperor: 1858-1897].1897

_____Ý_______Ý_Â_____Õ, ______„„â_¡__„â_ü__ _Õ_¡„_ü_ȄÎ_µ___ü„à [KOLOKOLTSOV, Konstantin Vasilievich].

_´__„Û _Ȅ__±_ü„â_µ_È_µ__ _«„Ä„É________ __„Ä_á„Ü_¼_ü, „__„„â__„„ä_ü__ _À___« _¡____„Ä„„â_µ__„ö_ü__ ____„„Ä_«_¡„Û„ _ü___À_µ„Û_¡„â__„Û_¡ _À___¼„Û_____ü„â_µ_Ȅ΄„â______: __„à_µ„Û_¼ 1858-1897. [The choir of the wind music lovers under the auspices of the Emperor: 1858-1897].1897

The "wind music lovers club", originally called "Tsarevich Alexander Alexandrovich's chorus", was founded in November…

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Angus Robb

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Bernard Shapero

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