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Gift Guide 06

Curated by Sue Prigmore
Gift Guide 06

From the delicate charm of a mid-nineteenth-century Chinese watercolor to the botanical masterpieces of Pierre-Joseph Redouté, each print tells a story of artistic brilliance. Perfect for gifting, these prints infuse a hint of spring into interiors, inviting the beauty of nature into your space.
Gift Guide 06
1. [CHINESE SCHOOL]. Bird and Insect. China,mid nineteenth century. £650

Fine, well executed, decorative Chinese export watercolour. Light and easily transportable, these watercolours, mostly produced in the Canton region, found a ready market in the West. Natural history studies were, and continue to be, amongst the most sought-after subjects.

2. Pierre-Joseph REDOUTÉ. Crinium Giganteum. Paris,1802-16. £2,250

The highest peak of Redoute's artistic and botanical achievement... Among the most important monuments of botanical illustration ever to be published." (Frans A. Stafleu, "Redoute - peintre de fleurs" in A Catalogue of Redouteana).

3. E[ugene] A[lain]. SEGUY. Papillons. [1929]. £1,250

Superb lithograph by the master of the format. “In comparison with their variety and brilliance, much Art Deco illustration seems pallid and constrained. And of course their large format makes them particularly attractive for exhibition purposes” (Ray, The Art Deco Book in France).

4. [CHINESE SCHOOL]. Bird and Insect. China,mid nineteenth century. £650
5. Pierre-Joseph REDOUTÉ. Fritillaria Imperialis. Paris,1802-16. £2,500
6. Pierre-Joseph REDOUTÉ. Lilium Superbum. Paris,1802-16. £2,500
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