specialising in rare books and works on paper from the heart of london's mayfair

modern literature

modern first editions, children’s & illustrated books, private press & limited editions

Recent Arrivals & Favourites

  • CHURCHILL, Winston.

    London to Ladysmith via Pretoria.

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  • ROSSETTI, Christina; HUGHES, Arthur (illustrator).

    Speaking Likenesses

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  • GRAVES, Robert.

    Good-Bye to all That.

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  • PINTER, Harold.

    No Man's Land.

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travel, exploration, topography & cartography

books, guidebooks, maps, atlases & photography

Recent Arrivals & Favourites

  • ANGAS, George French

    The New Zealanders Illustrated.

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  • CLERK, John.

    A series of etchings chiefly of views in Scotland.

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Retracing the Footsteps of 19th Century Explorers in Africa

The great natural history museum collections have at their foundation, specimens collected by 19th century explorers. To look through these collections is to travel back in time to the heyday of exploration

natural history
& science

scarce colour plate & finely bound

Recent Arrivals & Favourites

  • ‘PATHFINDER’; Hugh Dalziel.

    Breaking and Training Dogs.

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  • DARWIN, Charles.

    On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection;

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  • GERARD, John.

    The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes.

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  • MAUND, Benjamin.

    The Botanic Garden.

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contemporary & modern 

original prints and works on paper

Recent Arrivals & Favourites

  • MURAKAMI, Takashi


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  • DALI, Salvador

    Memories of Surrealism.

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  • HEPWORTH, Barbara

    Opposing Forms

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    Rain Forest

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