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A view of the Holy Ka'aba.

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N.p., 1880

An unusual view and representation of the holy Ka'aba; the most holy site in the Islamic world. Illustrative representations of this site have been copied in manuscript form for centuries and are commonly aerial views of Mecca from above with the four walls and surrounding hillscapes in view, usually portrayed without people visible in the enclosure. However the present example is unusual because the scene captured is inside the walls of Mecca and portrays the Ka'aba as a gateway, with disproportionately sized figures diminishing under the vast expanse of the eminent building. It is evident that it was painted in the nineteenth century, when the area was under Ottoman rule, and the portrayal of the figures indicates artistry from a European eye.

The descriptive label at the reverse of the painting reads 'The painting shows a pilgrimage to Mecca. Mecca, the chief holy city of the Muslim world. Its centre of

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Oil on board, c. 460 by 590 mm, depicting pilgrims in Mecca gathering for pilgrimage around the Holy Ka'aba; some pigments crackled, the sky and tops of the buildings in the background repainted with some additional retouching to foreground and central buildings, overall bright and attractive example; housed in a modern wooden frame, early 20th-century label to the back with manuscript description of the illustration in English.


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